Package lilypad.client.connect.api.request.impl

Class Summary
AsProxyRequest Request to be assigned the role of a proxy on the network.
AsServerRequest Request to be assigned the role of a server on the network.
AuthenticateRequest Request to authenticate with the network.
GetDetailsRequest Request to get the uniform connection details of the network, not guaranteed to be an accurate representation.
GetKeyRequest Request to receive a shared salt to be used within the authentication process.
GetPlayersRequest Request to get an accurate representation of all players on the network.
GetWhoamiRequest Request to get the current identification the network recognizes your session as.
MessageRequest Request to have a message sent to a single or multiple other identifications on the network.
NotifyPlayerRequest Request to notify the network that a player has been added or removed from our proxy.
RedirectRequest Request asking the network to redirect a player to a specified server.